My name is Cooper. My hands don't work. I celebrate Halloween every day.

Prone to attack when provoked. Incendiary. Audacious. Makes friends with apex predators (but I'm totally not building an army... promise...)

Horse trainer/rock climbing instructor/theoretical astrophysics with a touch of virology. Certified MRA hunter: Saving people. Burning fedoras. The family business.

I'm not good or real... I'm evil and imaginary


I just thought of the best ending to Jim/Tom ever. 3 sentences.

Tom walked into his apartment, and saw Jim was sitting on the couch waiting for him. He smiled, then saw the downcast look on Jim’s face and realized something was terribly wrong.

"I’m done with you," Moriarty said, aimed his gun at Tom’s head, and pulled the trigger.

Jim/Tom post number 9001. IT’S OVER 9000.

Soo… yeah, I don’t really feel like doing an intro to this. Just fucking read it, don’t make me explain.

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The one where does a dramatic reading/reaction video to Jim/Tom. It’s fucking glorious and magical and you should watch it.

More Jim/Tom talks, RATHAT, and just a bunch of random shit. Also, important information about my blog and what’s going to happen to it.

The one where I do a reaction video to the reaction video, talk about the evils of Twilight, and just porn in general. Part 1.

JIM/Tom post numer 500+

Sorry this is shit guys. My medication kicked in, and I’m basically useless after midnight. But here we go:

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On the seventh day of Jim/Tom, Jessica gave to you “awkward phone sex” porn

I mean… not sure if it’s good or not, but if you don’t like it don’t read it!

Premise: Moriarty is on a business trip, but missing certain parts of Tom. Phone sex ensues. Yay.

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On the sixth day of Jim/Tom, Jessica gave to you: a first date and erotic asphyxiation

Guys, I just wrote like 5 porns in the same night. Didn’t even know I was capable of that. One more, and I’m done for the whole week. Then I can get to something serious, like PACKING ALL THE THINGS.

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On the fifth day of Jim/Tom, Jessica gave to you a mushy romantic fanfic

Hey guys, no porn in this one. Just a lot of fluff. Sorry, it can’t always be hardcore sex. Sometimes feels are necessary.


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On the fourth day of Jim/Tom Jessica gave to you Tom joining the mile high club

Thoughts during writing:

When I say “it was going to be a long flight and they could have extended their encounter” I really mean “I don’t want to write more than two pages of this one because airplane sex can get awkward and I’m lazy”.

Sorry their sex is as lazy as I am right now. But hey, at least it’s cute and romantic!

WAIT. WAIT A MINUTE. Now they’re having kinky sex again.

I really need to write one of these that doesn’t involve blood. I feel like I’m turning into the Twilight author with all the abuse (though it is at least consenting in my writing) and blood.

ANDDDDD done. Bed time. Or not. Whatever. Got to be up in two hours anyway.

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